Strategic Planning

“Taking in surroundings to generate buildings that integrate within culture and region”.

The factors that entail how a given site may be shaped for optimum efficiency of investment.


“From the first spark of perception to the completion of a stunning design, our clients; our partners.”
Our unshakeable commitment to being the catalyst for our client’s requirements and objectives, the initial simplicity of describing in words and figures the ideas; dreams at hand.

Conceptual Design

“Understanding the nature of dreams, their rhythm; bringing them to life”

The “big picture” taking shape as information translates visually into preliminary sketches, the fundamental strategies being accurately chosen.

Schematic Design
“Translating passion into space, form and function”

The next step in shaping the “Big Ideas”. Refining the Conceptual Design phase. Sustainability schemes defined and the building’s form evolves.

Design Development

“The “Big Dream” as a tangible reality”

Design decisions finalized. Budget is “Value Engineered” for maximum return.

Construction Documentation

“A passion for efficiency unites our international team”

Detailed documentation generated, analyzed and approved. Finishes and materials specified, construction factors are itemized and documented; a full package suited for bidding and final go-ahead.

Site Supervision and Monitoring

“Our work encloses and understands all destinations of architecture”

This ensures comprehension and execution of plans, our eye on every element of the “Big Dream”; design developing its precise form.



“The love of creating something that comes alive”