Integrating efficiency of investment, awareness that bottom-line performance in hand with beauty is key to success. Spaces that enhance communities, harmonize with environments and yield more than they expend, transforming lives.

Edmonds International is driven by the conviction that visionary architecture is possible within cost-effective business plans. Our firm is built on the notion that every project is first and foremost, a business proposal for our clients. We see our role as that of a catalyst; transforming the ideals, dreams and financial demands of our clients

into the language of space, form and design. As the classic dictum that states, “Form follows function” we encompass “efficiency of investment,” as we understand that bottom-line performance is the key to a building’s long-term success.


We’re big dreamers. We have confidence in the power of architecture to inspire and transform the social conditions of our lives – whether at home, work, or in the public sphere. This means creating buildings that are “good neighbors,” returning to the surrounding community and its

0environment more than they consume.

From the hard drivers of business to the lofty ideals of revolutionary design, we work closely with our client partners to bring exceptional architecture to life.



“Passion is a driving energy.

The breathtaking moment that entrances and excites.”